The Shinobi Village

Origin Story

Part One

The Shinobi

The Shinobi, or Ninja as they are known today, were feudal Japan’s special forces, undertaking specialized military tasks for their lords when no other warriors were capable. Their advanced understanding of the sciences, unique fighting skills, and mastery of the environment produced legends of their supernatural abilities that have endured for centuries….

Part Two

The Tengu

It is said that the Shinobi gained their training methods from the Tengu (mythical creatures renowned for their physical and fighting prowess), and it is these methods that gave them their inhuman abilities. These same Tengu and their famous shinobi techniques for climbing, leaping, and fighting, are the mysterious architects of this sacred training ground. We here at The Shinobi Village are the custodians of their hallowed training facility.

Part Three

The Facility

The Shinobi Village has emerged from the shadows to become the only shinobi (ninja) training centre in the GTA, offering martial arts, parkour, and movement training for practical use in both urban and natural environments. Our secret facility, inconspicuously located amongst normal human businesses in Scarborough, was specifically designed and built to practice the skills and techniques that would be useful to a modern-day shinobi…. skills that once made the shinobi seem superhuman.

Part Four

The Experience

Our facility was built by hand out of our passion and love for martial arts, parkour, and movement training. The confidence and freedom gained from learning how to navigate your environment, and turn obstacles into opportunities to improve yourself is something we feel very strongly about sharing with everyone who wants to experience it for themselves.

Test Your Skills

Legend has it that the mystical Shinobi Village only appears to those worthy of the Tengu’s secret arts….