The Shinobi Village

Origin Story

The Shinobi Village has emerged from the shadows to become the only shinobi (ninja) training centre in the GTA, offering martial arts, parkour, and movement training for practical use in both urban and natural environments.

Open Gym


Become a member or drop in anytime to practice your skills at our open-gym and open-mats. We also have a workout area to provide all your training needs in one spot.



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Hone Your Skills

Shinobi Classes

Our facility and it’s obstacles were designed to prepare you to navigate a real-life environment and develop practical movement and martial arts skills. It’s more than just various sizes of boxes stacked on top of each other or impractical hanging balls and warped walls!

Host A Party

Shinobi Party

The Shinobi Village has a dedicated party room with access to the open parkour gym for birthday parties and corporate events.

Rent The Village

Dojo Rental

Our 900 sqft dojo is available to rent for classes, seminars and workshops. Perfect for martial arts, yoga, fitness, meditation, etc…

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Village Blog

Natural Movement: The Shared Origin of Parkour & MovNat

Natural Movement: The Shared Origin of Parkour & MovNat

People all over the world are being introduced to a method of physical education and real-world fitness called MovNat. Not many people realize how closely related MovNat is to the practice is Parkour. As MovNat seems like a very beginner friendly approach, Parkour has...

Four Ways We Can Control Our Health & Balance

Four Ways We Can Control Our Health & Balance

This lifestyle guide is meant to help restore and foster balance in the body through simple considerations as to how we perform basic life functions. It is meant to be simple, easy to follow, and not at all a diet, exercise program, meditation practice, optimism...

Ground Movement Workout Session

Ground Movement Workout Session

Use the links in this guide to see an example of each technique and follow the instructions. Take your time and explore the feeling of the movement well. Please let me know what you think if you give it a try! Warm up: Take your time and focus on your breathing and...